Google Ads vs. Facebook. Which is better?

All of us, in a perfect world, would have unlimited funds to spend on marketing. Realistically, this is rare. When your firm is ready to begin online marketing, Facebook Ads in the Business Manager and Google Ads are the two marketing giants you should focus on first.

Then, which one is the most suitable for your organization? We hope that this article will assist you in deciding which online marketing instrument to employ.

Here’s a quick review for the steps involved:

  • More Expensive per click.
  • Keywords are used in Google Ads to target a specific audience that knows what they are looking for
  • Based on keywords
  • Facebook advertising allows you to target based on interests and behaviors;
  • Both platforms allow you to target and measure your ads based on location.

When and when does Google ads appear?

  • Your advertising appears beside ‘keywords’ or phrases representing your brand in the Google search engine and search networks (maps, shopping, AOL, Youtube, Gmail).
  • There is a maximum CPC bid amount for each of your keywords.
  • We can target specific websites.

Are there any restrictions on where the Facebook advertising can be displayed?

  • It will display on all social networks owned by Facebook
  • Network audiences and, of course, Facebook.

What should I do after I’ve set up my ad on Google Ads or Facebook?

  • You’ll need to create a landing page
  • On your website or landing page, you should always ask for a user’s action (score is made up of Click-through rate CTR)

Do you know what is landing page, and how to design one?

As soon as a potential client clicks on your ad, they are directed to a landing page. In addition to the landing page, it’s also known as a squeeze/drip/funnel/web page. It is possible to send them to your website, but they will not convert without a call to action. A phone call, a home evaluation, or any other form of interaction from you will not be requested (whatever your objective). They will search your website and then depart is another reason why you should avoid sending them there. Upon arriving at your landing page, they have no choice but to complete the form you have provided for them to complete.

Sample of a Landing page is available on Digital Fogg Technologies Inc.’s

In addition to filling out a form, potential clients cannot browse the gallery or give themselves time to think about it. As soon as we introduce ourselves, we ask for a CTA (call to action) and direct them to our website.

That’ll cost me how many buckets of gold, I wonder.

  • As with Google Adwords, you can establish a daily or lifetime budget.
  • Ads on Google have three primary goals.
  • cost per click (CPC), cost per thousand impressions (CPM) are two ways to measure cost (CPM)
  • The cost per acquisition is another essential factor to consider (CPA).

You can choose from 12 different campaign objectives on Facebook

  • Do you have any ideas or best practices to share?
  • Choose your goal objective with the customer in mind.
  • Google Adwords Key Word Planner
  • Highlight what makes you special
  • Include a call to action

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