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American Fast Freight is a pioneer in the transportation and logistics industry, based in British Columbia, providing multi-lane transportation throughout the USA and Canada.

American Fast Freight, based in British Columbia, is a pioneer in the transportation and logistics sector, offering multi-lane transportation throughout the USA and Canada.

The company started working in 1998, with a specialty in flatbed freight. American Fast Freight has now expanded to service thousands of shippers covering the US and throughout Canada. Our logistics division offers a wide range of transportation services and equipment to all their customers.

Since the beginning, they’ve proved ourselves worth their customer’s faith by delivering unmatched service experiences. In this dynamic global marketplace, whatever obstacles our customers face, American Fast Freight is dedicated to helping them achieve a competitive advantage.

How it Works

They have 50 owner-operated units in our fleet. That includes: Flatbed/ Stepdeck trucks- for loads up to 48,000-52,000 lbs Maxi/ quads- for loads up to 65,000 lbs They also provide third- party services for carrying all kinds of freight. These include:
• Dry Vans
• Refrigerated Containers
• Heavy-Haul


Most of the truck companies run on a satellite monitoring system and record their locations using an electronic log. They’ll use these advanced technologies to give you live updates on where your shipments are, upon request. Call them now to get live updates on your shipment: 604-850-1818. Please have your American Fast Freight order number ready with you (e.g.AFF_4XXX0).

Mission and Vision


Their mission is to provide our clients the safest, reliable, and premium service experience by using the advanced technologies and ultimate expertise of their team.


Their vision is to globally create long term relationships for the mutual benefit of their clients and our community with the bond of trust.