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Cost-Effective Option to Build a Website with Less Pages

Cross Platform Compatibility

We ensure that your website is compatible and working effectively across different OS platforms and devices.

Email services

Professional emails are a must for any business and we provide email addresses of your choice to suit your requirement.


Static Design

We will provide you a fully functional, responsive and beautiful looking website.

SEO Services

We also provide a full-fledged SEO service to get your website to rank on search engines.

Payment Integration

Website payments can be a hassle, so we provide you with the best solution to make your payment system seamless.


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Why Static


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Static websites are simple, super responsive which is suited best for businesses which want to showcase their company on static pages. Static websites are super-fast since there isn’t a lot of data in it so they rank better on search engines. Although they are static pages, they can be customized to suit any need and can be aesthetically designed as well. Static websites are easy to handle and not much maintenance is needed.

  • Quick Turnaround:
    Our work is efficient and you can expect a quick delivery time and fast turnaround time to answer your queries.
  • Personalized:
    No one solution works for everybody. We make sure that the service we provide is tailored to deliver optimum solutions for you.
  • Result oriented:
    At the end of the day, a service is all about providing a robust and sustainable solution. At Digital Fogg, we exactly do that.
  • Transparent:
    We are completely transparent with our methods, deliverables and pricing and we treat your business not just a client but our own.

At Digital Fogg, as a leading web designing and web development company we provide a tailored service to our clients to match the requirements of the business.


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Cost Effective

Static website designing and development is very cost effective since there is not too much complexity involved


Quick Deployment

It is faster to design and develop a static website and gets ready to be deployed in a few days of time.


Low maintenance

Static websites are easy to manage and require little to no maintenance to run.



Static websites do not usually carry a lot of data and pages and hence are very fast to load which is favored by search engines.

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We Creating Best Solutions

We combine human ingenuity with intelligent technology to benefit society and shape responsible business. We’re building an inclusive and diverse workforce.


Dynamic website

Dynamic websites improve the experience of the user  by adding flexibility, functionality and usability


WordPress Development

WordPress offers a wide range of functionality, from free themes to beautiful paid themes


CMS Development

CMS Solutions is specially tailored for quick, easy and cost-efficient web content management


Customized Solutions

Goal-driven custom solutions that have all your website's needs covered.

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