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Facebook Advertising

We run your ads specific to your target audience on Facebook and get results.

Instagram Advertising

We target youngsters and get them to buy your product or services with great copy.

Pinterest Advertising

We help you reach your audience through engaging pins and ad copy.


Twitter Advertising

We create super engaging ads that provide quality ROI over twitter.

LinkedIn Advertising

We ace in getting results from LinkedIn which is a professional platform.

PPC Advertising

Our PPC ad experts create Google Ads with perfection for higher rankings.


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Why SM paid Ads


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Social media advertisements allow you to reach consumers who have not seen your post previously, while growing awareness of brands and products.  Paid social networks are a major driver for micro conversions, be it for research, free sampling or simply funnelling more website traffic.

  • Experts at Advertising – We have established data on copywriting, headlining and keywords best practices. We understand A/B testing, optimized conversion, and retargeting.
  • We maximize your results – Our advertising company will help determine the best online social networks and make the perfect copy of your marketing campaigns.
  • Get greater ROI’s for your investment – We have got professionals with years of experience that know how to invest money on ads to get better returns.
  • Contracts are low risk – Though there is no need to say this, even if something goes down, it won’t be counted as bad and we will fix it.

The time, skills and tools needed to optimize ROIs are missing in most small businesses nowadays. At Digital Fogg, we specialize in everything related to online advertising for small to medium businesses. 


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Brand Recognition

When people see your ads on social media again and again they tend to know your brand colours and message which improves the overall recognition of brand.


Brand Loyalty

Your brand loyalty also takes an upward toll when people interact with ads and see them many times. As they see you show up every day.


Good Conversions

 Once you start putting out regular ads you will see improved conversions and the more people see the ads the more chances are of buying the product and service.


Less Marketing Cost

The best thing about social media ads is that they cost very much less than the traditional ones and reduce your overall marketing budget.

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We combine human ingenuity with intelligent technology to benefit society and shape responsible business. We’re building an inclusive and diverse workforce.


Google & Facebook Remarketing

Google and Facebook remarketing  ads are  shown to the people who have seen it before but did not buy it.


Paid Social Media Ads

Paid social networks are a major driver for micro conversions, be it for research, free sampling or simply funneling more website traffic.


Amazon Sponsored Ads

Manage ad campaigns to improve your brand awareness, accurate reporting of results and evaluate the competitive environment.


Social Media Management

SMM helps to communicate with your customer through DM’s, posts and stories engagement to builds a strong reputation for your brand.

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