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Campaign Management

We manage all the campaigns for your Google and Facebook remarketing without any mistakes.

Data Analysis

We analyze all the data from the previous campaign and fix the mistakes in the marketing one.

Geo Targeting

Employee Geo-targeting strategy target location-specific customers.


Landing Page design

We make super interactive landing pages for the customers that come through remarketing ads.

Optimized Ads

We make sure that the mistake in the last ads is not repeated and hence we optimize your ads to perform well.

Copy Writing

We even work on the copy of your ad to make it irresistible to click.


In What We Believe

Why Remarketing


Why Us

You should go for Google and Facebook remarketing because these ads are again shown to the people who have seen it before but did not buy it.

  • Guaranteed Results - our services guarantee you the results that you need to see from your products and services.
  • Pixel Help - We also make sure that you consider your Facebook pixels to remarket your services.
  • Customer list - We also make full use of the customer list that you already have and get some revenue from there too.
  • Activity on App - if you have got any activity on the apps we will cover that too and make sure you get a large set of audience to remarket.

Digital fog has been servicing their clients and giving them remarkable results in the field of Google and Facebook remarketing by getting their customers to purchase your products and services.


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Improved Sales

It is obvious that when we will remarket the product and services we will get some new sales from it.


Brand Recognition

When a person interacts with the ad again and again they come to know about it and retain the information


Lookalike Audience

Remarketing helps us in creating a lookalike audience and test our ads with them.


More Pixels

When we remarket the ads to customers our pixel catcher helps generate even more of it.

what we do

We Creating Best Solutions

We combine human ingenuity with intelligent technology to benefit society and shape responsible business. We’re building an inclusive and diverse workforce.


Paid Social Media Ads

Paid social networks are a major driver for micro conversions, be it for research, free sampling or simply funneling more website traffic.


Social Media Management

SMM helps to communicate with your customer through DM’s, posts and stories engagement to builds a strong reputation for your brand.


Amazon Sponsored Ads

Manage ad campaigns to improve your brand awareness, accurate reporting of results and evaluate the competitive environment.


Social Media Consulting

We Evaluate different measurements of social media and analyze the results to express operational insights with the upper executives.

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