Target based on Location

Control your targeted audience precisely based on location.

Target Competitor Locations

Target customers who shown interest in your competitor’s product based on location. 

Loyalty Targeting

Target customers who have been to your brick and mortar shop or location with specialized offers, promotional and loyalty offers.


Event Targeting

You can target customers who have been to a specific event with a specific location and target them with your relevant ads.

Improve foot traffic

You can easily improve your traffic to your location by showing them highly targeted ads when they are in that location.

Google and Facebook hyper local ads

With the use of Google and Facebook ads, you can easily target your ads to a specific set of audience in a location and with specific interest.


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Why Geofencing


Why Us

Geofencing is a local digital marketing solution which helps you target a very specific audience using geographical location and their location specific behavior. Geofencing is highly advantageous for local businesses to increase footfall to their brick or mortar shop or location thereby increasing revenue.
The ability of Geofencing to target specific local audiences with personalized ads is what makes it so efficient.

No one solution works for everybody. We make sure that the service we provide is tailored to deliver optimum solutions for you.

Great team:
We have a great team whose sole goal is to improve your sales number and provide you with the best service.

Result oriented:
At the end of the day, remarketing is all about numbers. We make sure that our approach is such that you get your results.

We are completely transparent with our methods, deliverables and pricing and we treat your business not just a client but our own.

We at Digital Fogg specialize in digital advertising using all the technology and modern methods at our disposal. If you are a local business wanting to increase your revenue and foot traffic, our Geofencing services is your best bet.


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Customers Reach

Geofencing allows you to reach customers who might be interested in you just based on their location patterns.


Local Sales

Local businesses get a huge boost from Geofencing. Localized ads and marketing campaigns leads to much better sales at a local level.


Personalized Experience

You can show your potential customers or customers that you care about them by giving promotional offers based on the fact they have visited your shop or were in your location.


Competitive Edge

With Geofencing you can know that customers are visiting your competitors location and then you can target them with ads or marketing campaigns to lure them to you.

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We combine human ingenuity with intelligent technology to benefit society and shape responsible business. We’re building an inclusive and diverse workforce.


Analytics & Reporting

Analytics and reporting is probably one of the most crucial digital marketing solutions


Youtube Ads

YouTube ads are in video format and hence attract more attention than other ads


Shopping Ad Managment

Shopping Ad management allows you to boost the visibility of your brand, its products & services


Bing Ads

Bing ads help the advertisers with better positioning, lesser competition, and also a low cost-per-click in general.

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