Expanded Text Ads

The expanded text ads work great because the audience gets to know about the main highlights of the product that is being advertised.

App Installation Ads

Microsoft introduced this type of advertisement to help the advertisers to boost the downloads of their business’s mobile application.

Microsoft Audience Ads

This type of advertisement helps the advertisers to receive rich traffic and better response from users or the audience.


Product Ads

If you are to advertise a specific product, Bing allows you to place product ads that have images along with some promotional texts and other details.

Responsive Search Ads

This type of advertisement is meant to help the advertisers to create ads easily and effectively without any complications.

Bing Smart Search

This is a simple text ad of Bing but is further formatted to appear in the smart search of Bing. This ad usually displays the landing page of your website.


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Why Bing Ads


Why Us

Bing ads help the advertisers with better positioning, lesser competition, and also a low cost-per-click in general. Every advertisement platform has its strengths and bing is no different from them. Bing ads can help the advertisers to reach a new group of people that are not present on any other platform.

  • Easy imports: Easy Import of Advertising campaigns from other Advertisement platforms like Bing AdWords. This may sound tricky but is very simple and free from complications.
  • Your Global marketer: With Bing, one can choose to advertise either globally or locally. One can also go for the mix of both.
  • Measurable results: Reporting feature provided by Bing helps the advertisers measure the results of a particular advertisement campaign.
  • Track your progress: Bing also powers the people to track down the progress and budget of a launched Advertisement campaign.

We at Digital Fogg have had years of experience in helping advertisers to achieve their marketing objectives by creating ads on profitable platforms like Bing.


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Less Competition:

The competition on Bing is really low.


Low Cost Per Click to facilitate sales.


Accurate Marketing

Targeting on Bing is much more specific and accurate.


Better Control

Better Granular control On campaigns

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Analytics & Reporting

Analytics and reporting is probably one of the most crucial digital marketing solutions


Youtube Ads

YouTube ads are in video format and hence attract more attention than other ads


Shopping Ad Managment

Shopping Ad management allows you to boost the visibility of your brand, its products & services


Remarketing & Retargeting

Remarketing and retargeting is a digital marketing solution that will help you in significantly boosting this number.

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